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How to Transfer Funds to Another Custodian

A guide to transferring funds to an external retirement account

Here’s how to transfer funds from your Alto account to another retirement account:

1. Log in to your Alto account here.

You’ll be brought right to the page where you can transfer funds. It should look like this:

2. Start a transfer request.

To start a transfer request, you’ll be asked a few key questions. Please make sure you have this information ready for the account you want to transfer to:

  • Name of custodian
  • Account number
  • Account type

Last, you’ll be asked how much cash you’d like to transfer from Alto.

Pro Tip: For your transfer request to be completed quickly, be sure to double check that the information provided for the account you want to transfer to is completely accurate. Any incorrect information could delay the request.

Note for CryptoIRAs: To transfer cash to another custodian, you may need to sell applicable cryptocurrencies and then transfer the funds from your crypto wallet to your IRA cash balance. For a quick step-by-step guide on how to do this, click here.

3. Ask your custodian to send Alto a transfer request.

Contact the custodian you’re transferring to and ask them to send Alto a transfer request. This step has to be done by the individual transferring the funds, and unfortunately we can’t complete your transfer without receiving a request from your new custodian.

Your custodian can send us a transfer request through any of these methods:

  • Email - transfers@altoira.com
  • Fax - 615.334.4771
  • Mail - Alto Solutions, Inc. 500 11th Ave N Suite 790 Nashville, TN 37203

What happens once my transfer request has been completed and submitted to Alto?

As soon as we receive the transfer request, we’ll review it and process your transfer. If we have any questions, we’ll be sure to reach out to you directly.

Note: Depending on how your custodian sent the transfer request to us, it can often take 10+ business days from the time your custodian sent the request, to the time it was received by us.