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What is the investment fee for each partner—and how is that determined?

List of investment partners by per-investment fee

At Alto, we have a wide network of 25+ investment partners that investors can take advantage of. The per-investment fee for partners is either $10 or $50—depending on the partner you're looking to make an investment with.

We don’t believe in hidden charges, investment minimums, or commissions. And we charge for the work we do and the value we provide—period. Part of this work includes assessing our partners' asset classes and their level of integration with our platform. Based on this, our partners fall into either our $10 or $50 per-investment fee category.

We're always committed to offering the lowest fees in the industry, and we want to provide this transparency around our pricing.

Below you can check out who falls under each category.

Partners that have a $10 per-investment fee include:


Partners that have a $50 per-investment fee include: