Upload Counter-Signed Documents

You'll be able to counter-sign signature packets after we've signed the documents on an investor's behalf.

Signature packets may be counter-signed after Alto has signed the signature packet on behalf of the investor. To access and counter-sign the packet, follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to your issuer account and locate the investment offering you wish to counter-sign on your dashboard. Recently-created offerings will appear closer to the bottom of the page. Click the Action Required button to access the executed signature packet and continue. 



2. Scroll to the investor section of the offering page and locate the investor's name whose documents you wish to sign. Click the Upload Signed Docs.



3. Scroll to the Documents section and click Missing Counter-Signed Version.


4. Click the button titled Download the investor-signed copy to download and counter-sign the signature page. Once finished, upload using the browse tool and click Save.



5. Success! Our platform will store counter-signed documents in this same place for future reference.