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Participate In A Deal That You've Been Invited To

The initial invitation from an issuer will pop up as both an email in your inbox as well as a box on your dashboard. You can participate in the investment by starting from either location. 

1. If you are starting from your email, you'll proceed by clicking the blue View Investment button. 



1a. If you are starting from your dashboard, the investment you've been invited to will be available under the You have been invited to invest in a deal section directly below your Account Overview. Click the View button to continue. 


2. Next, answer the question regarding family involvement and click Next Step.



3. If there are no issues with the investment you're trying to make, you will see this screen.



4. When the issuer invited you to participate in this deal, they indicated your Total Investment Amount as well. On this screen, make sure that the investment amount is correct and review all of the documents that the issuer has uploaded.

Once you are finished, click Review & E-Sign, verifying that you have reviewed all the details of the investment. 



6. Once you have reviewed the details, this screen will be your last opportunity to Make Changes before moving on. If everything looks good, click Execute / Transfer Funds. If not, click Make Changes.



7.  You have successfully approved the deal on your Alto account! The issuer has now been prompted via email to provide final approval. Upon the issuer's approval, Alto will execute subscription/purchase documents on behalf of your IRA and fund the investment.