How To Use Your Alto IRA To Invest On AngelList

Alto has integrated with AngelList's platform so that you can fund your investments on AngelList using your Alto IRA.

To invest with your tax-advantaged dollars on AngelList, follow the steps below:

1. After you've selected your investment on AngelList, you'll be asked to choose your funding source. Here, you'll have the option to select an existing investment entity or create a new one. If this is your first time linking your Alto IRA to AngelList, select ‘Add another investing entity’ and click ‘An IRA’ as the type of investing entity.


2. After you select ‘An IRA’ as the investing entity, you will need to enter the IRA investing entity name, which is ‘Alto IRA Custodian FBO First_Name Last_name Traditional/Roth/SEP IRA.’ 

  • Your entity name can also be located under ‘Your Settings’ in your Alto dashboard. 

3. Next you’ll choose your accreditation status. 


4. Fill out your Individual Details

5. The Funding Method defaults to Wire. Leave ‘Wire’ selected


6. Select ‘Confirm and E-Sign for $ XXX Investment’ once all boxes are checked for Closing Terms



7. Selecting the ‘Confirm and E-sign’ will bring you to a new page where you will be prompted to link your AltoIRA with your AngelList account. Select ‘Go to Alto’. This will redirect you to a new window where you can log-in to your Alto account and complete the investment on our platform. 


After you complete the investment on our platform, there will be no remaining action items. Your investment will show as 'pending final review' on your dashboard. Our Final Review is generally completed within one business day, at which point the investment will be updated to 'approved'. When the investment is approved we will initiate a transfer of funds shortly after. Our default transmission method is via ACH which takes 1-3 business days to process. When transfer is fully processed, your investment will show as 'active'.


Please contact us if you have any questions: