How to Use Your Alto IRA to Invest on Acretrader

Alto is integrated with AcreTrader's platform so that you can invest in their offerings using your Alto IRA.

To invest with your AltoIRA on Acretrader, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to and log into your existing AcreTrader account or click Sign Up in the the upper righthand corner to create one.

2. Once you log into your new or existing AcreTrader account, you will need to add your Alto IRA to your investing profile. To do so, click the drop down for your investing profiles and click Add A New Investment Account.

3. Choose Self Directed IRA from the dropdown menu.

4. Enter the required information.

5. Select Alto in the dropdown menu for the Custodian field. Then click Add a New Self-Directed IRA Investment Account.

6. Enter the personal information required and click Verify Identity.

7. Click Verify Accreditation.

8. Upload the necessary documents to verify your accreditation status. Then, click Submit.

9. Click Investments from the menu bar at the top of the page to browse offerings.

10. Once you've selected the offering you wish to invest in, click Invest Now.

11. Enter the required information and click Save and Continue.

12. Select the Alto IRA account through which you'd like to invest.

13. Verify the acknowledgments and click the Investment Agreement to execute the required paperwork.

14. Follow the prompts to execute your signature on the Investment Agreement in DocuSign.

15. Once you've executed the agreement, click Save and Continue.

16. Verify Accreditation and click Save and Continue.

17. Click Confirm Investment.

18. Click Continue to Alto.

19. Log into the correct Alto IRA account through which you would like to invest.

⚠️ Please be sure to log into the correct Alto IRA account through which you would like to invest. Logging into incorrect account may require additional troubleshooting and delay the funding of the investment.

20. Click Authorize to authorize AcreTrader on your IRA account.

21. Click Continue to proceed in authorizing the specific investment transaction.

22. Answer the following prohibited transaction questions.

23. Verify your investment amount, review supporting offering documents, and click Review & E-Sign.

24. View Alto's Direction of Investment.

25. E-sign your name exactly as it appears in the grey below the signature line. Then, click Execute/Transfer Funds to successfully place your investment!


Alto will fund your investment with 1 business day so long as your Alto account is funded and 7 days old (IRS Rule). 

❗❗ Note: While Alto doesn't not require your IRA account to be funded before committing to an investment, AcreTrader enforces a 7 day window for funding your AcreTrader investment. To ensure you meet AcreTrader's funding timeline upon approving the investment in Alto, we recommend that you initiate a transfer to fund your Alto account ASAP. The preferred method of funding is by wire or ACH as checks can take 7+ days to arrive at Alto and there is a 3 day holding period before they are allocated to the investor's account.


Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to us at or AcreTrader's support team at