How to Modify Bank Instructions on an Existing Investment

Instructions to modify bank information on an existing offering.

To modify bank instructions on an existing offering, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Log in to your issuer Alto account.

Step 2: Click into the offering that you would like to modify bank instructions for.

Step 3: Click the button titled Edit Bank Info.

Step 4: Enter your new banking information. 

Step 5: Click Save Bank Details.


For more details on the information required for banking instructions, please visit this help article.

🚧Bank Note: It is important to note that Alto does not support payments to international banks, so please make sure you are entering bank instructions that are based in the U.S. 

⚠️If ACH is selected as the default method and an investment payment needs to be expedited in the event of a tight funding deadline, please contact to send via wire.