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How to Invest your Alto IRA in Winc

Invest in a data-driven modern winery using your IRA!

Welcome to AltoIRA, we're so glad you're here! 

A quick overview: AltoIRA is a digital platform that makes it easy for individuals to invest in alternatives using their IRA. You can find Alto's fee schedule and learn more about AltoIRA here. Once you've completed the steps outlined below, AltoIRA will direct funds on your behalf and execute your IRA's investment.  AltoIRA will provide annual IRS tax reporting, including Form 5498 and 1099-Rs, which will be available in your online Tax Center. 

Should you need help at any time, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at winc@altoira.com or by calling (877) 673-1557.

This walkthrough covers the following steps necessary to invest in Winc:

Open Fund and Set Up Your Alto IRA

Add A Credit Card

Commit to your investment in Winc via their Online Portal!

What to Expect Next

Where to Get Help

Open, Fund, and Setup Your Alto IRA

Open Your Alto IRA

Register: Click this link to get started.  Select Investor as the account type and enter in your name, email address, and login information.

Click the E-Sign embedded link to review disclosures and I agree button to confirm your understanding. 

Return to the register page to check the I accept box and click Sign Up.


Verify your email: Check your email inbox and click  Confirm Email to log back into Alto and continue. Didn't receive the email? Check your spam folder or email winc@altoira.com for additional assistance. 

Setup your IRA: After confirming your email, please select Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate as your desired investment type and click Next

Select your desired IRA type and click Next.

Enter your home address and click Next.

Enter your phone number and click Next.

Enter your birthdate and click Next.


Enter your Social Security Number and click Next.

On the final page, you can review your IRA setup summary and finish by E-Signing and clicking Create My IRA.  

Congrats! Your Alto IRA is now set up and ready to fund. 

Fund Your Alto IRA

Once you've set up your Alto IRA, you will be prompted to fund your IRA by either a cash contribution or by transferring from another retirement account. IRAs and former employee sponsored plans (including 401(k)s) are all eligible to transfer to your Alto IRA.

You can fund your Alto IRA at anytime by clicking I want to...Fund My Alto IRA from your center toolbar or by completing the Step 3Transfer Funds into your new Alternative IRA prompt on your dashboard.  You can also follow the prompt during initial setup.

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 3.44.15 PM


Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 3.46.15 PM


You can find detailed walkthroughs on funding your Alto IRA via a cash contribution or transfer here.  Please keep in mind the following funding timelines from the date of IRA creation:

Source Method of Payment Invest in as little as...
Cash Contribution  Wire 7 days
ACH 7-8 days
Transfer from another Custodian (dependent on Custodian lead times) Wire 7 days
Check 12-24 days


Tip: Using a wire transfer as the transfer method is the fastest way to fund your IRA.

Add a Credit Card

Alto requires a credit card on file for investment and monthly admin fees. You can learn more about our transparent pricing here.  During account setup, you will be prompted to add a credit card. 

You can also add a credit card  by returning to your dashboard and clicking Start alongside Step 4. 

Enter in your credit card information and click Next.

alto credit card

Confirmed! Your account is now setup and funding requested. Follow the steps below to complete the final step and confirm your investment into Winc. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 9.28.09 AM

Commit to your investment in Winc via their Online Portal!

To begin the process, navigate to Winc.com/shares , enter your email address and click "Sign Up to Invest".  

Next, proceed through the personal information prompts until you are prompted with "I am Investing as a," and select "IRA & Others," and then "Self-Directed IRA or 401(k)."   Clicking "Create a New IRA" will redirect you to Alto's site for account creation, and once you've established your new AltoIRA, you'll notice you've already been added to the Winc offering!

If you already have an Alto IRA, you can click "I have an IRA Account," and complete the workflow below on Winc Shares. 

On the next screen the IRA Company will be "Alto IRA FBO <Your First & Last Name> IRA" the EIN will be 45-3083418, and the state will be Tennessee.  

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 9.35.46 AM

AltoIRAs contact information is provided below:


Below is AltoIRA's mailing address:

Next, indicate that funds will be sent via wire:

Go ahead and complete your investment if you're ready!

Since AltoIRA will be sending funds on your behalf, we should receive a copy of this email, but we'd appreciate if you forward it to Marrisa@issuance.com with the subject "Winc Invite Request & Funding Instructions for <First & Last Name>".  Thanks so much!

Lastly, if you view your dashboard and it doesn't read as "Invested as a IRA," you'll need to email hello@wincshares.com and ask them to update this information in their system to reflect you're investing using an AltoIRA.

What to Expect Next

After you've completed the steps in the above walkthrough, you can expect the following actions to take place by the Investor Relations teams of Winc and AltoIRA:

  1. Approval- A member of the Winc Invest team will review and approve your investment request on the AltoIRA platform. 
  2. Execution- AltoIRA will send funds electronically to Winc's escrow partner, PrimeTrust in the name of your IRA.  Please note there can be a delay here as Alto, Winc, and PrimeTrust coordinate and ensure that funds are accurately allocated.
  3. Finalization- After confirming receipt of funds, AltoIRA will mark your investment as active and you will be charged an investment fee to your card on file. 

Once your investment is active, any distributions will be returned tax-sheltered to your IRA. You will be charged a monthly admin fee dependent on your account value, and AltoIRA will take care of annual IRS tax reporting. Account statements, tax documents, and beneficiaries can be managed in your dashboard settings by logging into https://www.altoira.com/.  Please visit our Help Center to learn more about your Alto IRA and how to use it.