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How to Fund Your Alto IRA with IRA Transfers

A step-by-step walkthrough to help you initiate an IRA Transfer (or Trustee-to-Trustee Transfer) from another retirement account in your Alto dashboard.


Initiate an IRA Transfer  in Your Alto Dashboard

Initiate an IRA Transfer with Your Transferring Custodian

IRA Transfer Timeline

Cancel an IRA Transfer

In order to initiate an IRA Transfer in your Alto dashboard, you'll need the following information/items:

  • Account number for the transferring account
  • A PDF version of your most recent account statement of the transferring account
  • Access to a printer for a wet signature

Initiate an IRA Transfer in Your Dashboard

  • Log into your Alto account and select Fund My Alto IRA from the I Want To dropdown menu at the top of your dashboard
  • Start the Transfer
    • Select the type of retirement account of your transferring account from the Account Type dropdown menu
    • Select the name of the custodian of your transferring account from the Transferring Account dropdown menu

Tip: If you do not see your custodian's name, then you can select Other from the Transferring Account drop down menu. You'll be asked to provide us with the name later in the process.

    • Enter the account number of your transferring account in the box underneath Account Number
    • Select the amount you'd like to transfer from the Transfer Amount dropdown menu

Note: If you select Just transfer a specific cash amount, then you'll be prompted to enter the amount underneath the Cash Amount box when it appears.

    • Select the delivery method for your rollover, check or wire, from the Delivery Method drop down menu
    • Click Continue
  • Review & Sign
    • Review the information of your rollover to make sure everything is correct. 
      *If you need to make changes, then you can click the Make Edits link under the Confirm & Sign button at the bottom
    • Type in your name by the Sign Here arrow exactly as indicated in the bolded text below the signature box. 
    • Click Confirm & Sign
  • Complete the Paperwork
    • Click Review & Sign under the Transfer of Assets Request section
    • Click Ok when the This is not legally binding message pops up
    • Click the blue Get Started button at the top right of the HelloSign form 
    • Click the Click to Sign field, create your signature, and click Insert
    • Click the blue Continue button at the top right of the HelloSign form, then click I Agree when it pops up
    • Click Close when the Thanks for submitting your document! message appears
    • When you're back to the Complete the Paperwork page, add an account statement by clicking the Upload button under Statement Summary section
    • Select the PDF file of your most recent account statement of your transferring account and click Open
    • Once you have a check mark under Transfer of Assets Request and Statement Summary sections, click Save & Continue at the bottom
  • Wet Signature Required
    • Click to print your Transfer of Assets Request form
    • Once it's printed out, use black ink to apply a wet signature in the Wet Signature Required box on the form
    • Scan your form and make sure it's a PDF file
    • Go back to the Wet Signature Required page in your funding flow on our website and upload your scanned PDF file
    • Click Submit and you're done!

Initiate an IRA Transfer with Your Transferring Custodian

We recommend our customers to initiate an IRA transfer in their Alto dashboard for a few reasons. 

  1. It creates a transfer record in our system so we know what kind of transfer, transfer amount, and where it's coming from.
  2. Our transfer team will be able to help track your transfer and follow up with your transferring custodian regarding your IRA transfer.

If you'd rather initiate an IRA transfer with your transferring custodian, then you'll need to reach out to custodian to send the funds to your Alto IRA. Please provide your transferring custodian with the following information:

  • Your Alto IRA account number & IRA type

Tip: You can find your Alto IRA type and account number (five-digit number) in your Alto dashboard.

  • If the IRA transfer will be delivered to us as a wire, then you'll need to provide them with Alto's banking information
    *Please email help@altoira.com with the subject line "Wire Instructions Request for IRA Transfer".
  • If the IRA transfer will be delivered to us as a check, then please make sure the check is made payable to AltoIRA and mailed to the address below:

    Alto Solutions, Inc.
    500 11th Ave N. Suite 790
    Nashville, TN 37203

IRA Transfer Timeline

If you've completed the initiation process in your Alto dashboard, then please allow 5 -10 business days for wire or 10 - 20 business days for checks before the new funds will be available in your Alto account. This timeline does take into consideration the transferring custodian's processing time as well.

Cancel a Direct Rollover 

If you haven't completed the initiation process in your Alto dashboard, then please contact our support team to cancel the IRA transfer. If you've received confirmation from our team that the transfer request has been sent to your transferring custodian, then please contact your transferring custodian to cancel the request on their end. 


Do you have more questions or need additional help with funding your Alto IRA with a direct rollover? Feel free to send us a note to help@altoira.com or use our Contact Us form to reach one of our Client Experience Advocates!