How does CryptoIRA pricing work?

Here's an example of how our CryptoIRA pricing breaks down based on 3 different investment amounts.

Investment Amount $1,000  $10,000 $100,000 
Account Set Up Fee $0 $0 $0
Trade Fee (1.5%) $15 $150 $1,500
Monthly Account Admin Fee (1.0% annually) $2.00* 8.21 $82.08
Value of BTC received in your CryptoIRA $985 $9,850 $98,500

Note: For the purposes of this example, we made a few assumptions.

Why is the value of cryptocurrency received less than what I started with?
The value of BTC received in a CryptoIRA is the original investment amount minus any trade fees. The monthly account admin fee is not (and can't be) deducted from your Alto account and is instead charged to a credit card on file.

How the monthly account admin fee works:

  • The monthly account admin fee is 1% annually, but charged on a monthly basis. To get the projected monthly fee, you'd take the value of your CryptoIRA, multiply it by 1%, and then divide that number by 12.
    • In the example above, the total annual account admin fee for the $100,000 investment would be ($98,500 * .01) = $985. Then $985/12 = $82.08 as the projected monthly account admin fee.
  • *The minimum monthly account admin fee is $2.00. This would apply for the $1,000 investment example above because if a 1% monthly account admin fee was charged, it would only be $0.82 which is less than the minimum of $2.00.
  • This fee is charged on the first of each month to your credit card on file, and will be calculated based on the average account balance from the previous 30 day period.

    For the purposes of this example, there are a few assumptions:

    • The investor invests all of their funds in Bitcoin (BTC) in a single trade. No additional trades are made.
    • The average daily balance of Bitcoin (used to calculate the monthly account admin fee) remained the same.