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How Do I Initiate The Transfer Of Funds From My Current Retirement Fund/Cash Account To A New Alto IRA?

You can initiate a Transfer of Assets request (or transfer of funds) from your current IRA custodian or brokerage directly from the Alto Portal once you have created an Alto IRA.  You can find a detailed and helpful walkthrough here. This transfer of funds method is referred to as a “transfer” and does not initiate a taxable event. If you’d like to perform a Roth Conversion, or “direct rollover”,  you can do so as well. There is no limit to the amount of funds you are able to transfer.

Alternatively, investors can fund their Alto IRA directly from a bank account. This is considered a cash contribution, and will count toward your annual IRA contribution limit.  You can find a detailed walk-through of how to initiate a cash contribution from the Alto Portal here.