Alto x Coinbase One Partnership FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions regarding our partnership promotion with Coinbase. If there's a question that you don't see, please email us at

How do I know if my new IRA is receiving the promotion benefits?

Customers in the CB1 promo will see a blue banner with the promo benefits during the account creation and funding process. If you did not see these banners with the promotion, your account was not included in the promo. If this was in error, we can fix this to include you.


Can I still participate in the promotion if I already have an account with Alto?

Yes! Existing clients can participate by making a new IRA using a different email address. You may also reuse your email address by adding a “+” or “.” to your email handle to create an email alias.


Why can’t I transfer in funds to my promo account from my existing IRA at Alto?

In order to receive an Alto to Alto transfer, your promo account must already be funded via Cash Contribution, IRA Transfer, or 401(k) Rollover from an outside source. Once you do that, the Alto to Alto transfer should be available.