Overview: Alto CryptoIRA

Buy cryptocurrency 24/7 through Alto's integration with Coinbase using tax-advantaged retirement dollars.


Alto CryptoIRA Fees

Available Cryptocurrencies

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Alto CryptoIRA Fees

Alto CryptoIRAs have two types of fees, monthly account admin fees and per transaction fees.

Monthly Account Admin Fees Per Transaction Fees
This 1% annual recurring fee is charged monthly to the credit card on file, and covers Alto's account maintenance and tax reporting costs.  This fee is is charged monthly and is based on the total account size for that month. Each time you execute an order in your Coinbase wallet, a 1.5% fee will be included in your total order size.

Tip: Learn more about our pricing for Alto CryptoIRA on our website here

Available Cryptocurrencies

Below are the cryptocurrencies we support via Coinbase. Check back as often as you like, the list will continue to grow over time!

coin ALGO Alogrand ALGO Alogrand
cosmos-atom-logo ATOM Cosmos
balancer-bal-logo BAL Balancer
band-protocol-band-logo BAND Band Protocol
coin BCH Bitcoin Cash BCH Bitcoin Cash
coin BTC Bitcoin BTC Bitcoin
celo-celo-logo CGLD Celo
compound-comp-logo COMP Compound
multi-collateral-dai-dai-logo DAI Dai
coin DASH Dash DASH Dash
icon_eos_eosblockchain EOS EOS Blockchain
coin ETC Ethereum Classic ETC Ether Classic
icon_eth_ethereum ETH Ether
kyber-network-knc-logo KNC Kyber Network
coin LINK Chainlink LINK Chainlink
loopring-lrc-logo LRC Loopring
coin LTC Litecoin LTC Litecoin
numeraire-nmr-logo NMR Numeraire
NU-nucypher-logo NU NuCypher
omg-omg-logo OMG OMG Network
orchid-oxt-logo OXT Orchid
ren-ren-logo REN Ren
coin REP Auger REP Augur
uma-uma-logo UMA UMA
uniswap-uni-logo UNI Uniswap
wrapped-bitcoin-wbtc-logo WBTC Wrapped Bitcoin
coin XLM Stellar Lumens XLM Stellar
coin XRP Ripple XRP Ripple
coin XTZ Tezos XTZ Tezos
yearn-finance-yfi-logo YFI yearn.finance
coin ZRX Ox ZRX 0x

How It Works

1. Create & set up your Alto Investor Account

Get started with an Alto CryptoIRA by signing up for an Alto investor account and set it up as a Crypto IRA. You can learn more about how to create and set up your investor account with the link to our walkthrough below:

How to Create & Set Up an Investor Account

2. Fund your Alto IRA

After your investor account is set up, the next step is to add funds to your Alto IRA. Learn how you fund your Alto IRA with the link to our knowledge article below:

How to Fund Your Alto IRA

3. Start trading crypto!

Once the new funds are received and credited to your Alto account, they will automatically be transferred to your Coinbase wallet for you to use to buy cryptocurrencies! You can learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in your Coinbase wallet with the link to our walkthrough below:

How to Trade Crypto in Your Alto CryptoIRA

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Coinbase account will I have through my Alto CryptoIRA?

You won't have a Coinbase account through your Alto CryptoIRA.  In fact, you'll have no direct interaction with Coinbase at all!  Alto uses Coinbase's institutional services to provide access to cryptocurrencies for our clients.

Can I connect the Coinbase Wallet that I already have to my Alto CryptoIRA?

No.  You cannot connect or move any other wallet to AltoIRA.  If you have other cryptocurrencies you'd like to bring over to Alto, you'll need to liquidate these positions, move funds to Alto, and then repurchase your desired crypto assets.

How are my cryptocurrencies insured?

All uninvested cash in your Alto IRA are FDIC insured up to $250,000. USD and cryptocurrencies in your Coinbase Wallet will be insured by Coinbase insurance. You can learn more about their insurance on their website here.

Can I stake or airdrop the cryptocurrencies in my Coinbase Wallet?

For now, you cannot airdrop any cryptocurrencies into your AltoIRA account.  Alto does not guarantee staking rewards, but will do out best to ensure that rewards are allocated accordingly at the time of account closure.

Do I have access to my private keys?

No,  At this time you cannot  have access to your own keys.

How long does it take after I've funded my Alto IRA before I can start trading?

Once you've funded your CryptoIRA, Alto must send your funds to Coinbase before you can use them to purchase cryptocurrencies, this process is generally completed one full business after your IRA has been funded!

Can I invest in other alternative assets like startups with my Alto CryptoIRA?

No.  To safeguard the tax protected status of your IRA assets, Alto requires that your CryptoIRA remain distinct and only transact with the Coinbase exchange through our interface.  Alto has chosen to take this precaution in the unlikely event that the IRS or SEC were to decide to disqualify the tax protected status of all, or any retirement accounts holding crypto.


Do you have more questions about Alto CryptoIRA? Feel free to send us a note at help@altoira.com or use our Contact Us form to reach one of our Client Experience Advocates!